Battery Management


Energy Storage Future

Energy storage future and key catalyst for massification
for consumer electronics, electric mobility, and growth of
renewable energy.


Supports all Lithium battery chemistries
Comprehensive Diagnostic Layer
CAN 2.0B, USB, BLE, communication layers as desired
IOT gateway extension available
Fully Analog Front End
Fully Customisable
Up to 100A continuous (customisable) & 200A peak (customisable)
Easy to integrate with Small form factor
State of the art SOC and SOH estimation using Vecmocon’s proprietary
ML based Algorithm
Automotive grade

Structurally and Thermally validated
for Indian conditions
Swappable, Portable, and Smart
Machine Learning and Electro
Chemistry Based Range Estimation
Proactively managed and Accurate
SoC and SoH estimation


Temperamental electrochemistry and predicting the State of Charge, State of Health. Lithium cells need to be managed when employed in a battery. The user needs to know the amount of usable energy left i.e. the range.


Battery packs with all thermal and structural considerations, battery management systems and Machine learning algorithms for Battery management Design of computationally in-expensive system-local ML
algorithms, which run on a 100 INR micro-controller.